Administrator Types


All Scope 5 users are administrators of one type or another. The following table illustrates the differences between the types:

Admin Type Scope of Control Privileges
Account All nodes Full control
Sub-Account Assigned node and all nodes below Partial control
Supervisor (Auditor) Read-only
Data Provider Specific tracker set Limited control


Account Administrators

These are 'super-users'. It's generally good practice to appoint only a small number of account administrators. Account administrators have the full set of privileges and are always assigned to the top level node in the account (and therefore have visibility into and control over the entire account).

Sub-Account Administrators

These are administrators that generally (but not necessarily) play some sort of managerial role in the organization's sustainability programs. They can be assigned at any node (from top level all the way down to an individual tracking node) and will have visibility into and control over the node to which they are assigned and all nodes below it. 

Sub-account administrators can run charts and reports for the nodes over which they have control. Depending on system settings (determined by account administrators) they may also be allowed to create and edit resources, create and edit trackers and invite other administrators. See Organization => Preferences & Settings.


Supervisor administrators have read-only privileges over the node to which they are assigned and all nodes below it. This role can be useful for auditors.

Data Provider

Data providers are administrators that are limited to data entry for a specific set of trackers. They are presented with a very limited user interface that is intended to focus them on data entry with minimal distraction. See related article in this forum.

Facility Managers - Data Provider or Sub-Account Administrators?

Many organizations delegate data entry tasks for a specific subset of the organization's data to individuals that are facility managers or equivalent. Depending on the culture of the organization and it's sustainability program, these managers can be made sub-account administrators or data providers. Making them sub-account administrators encourages a higher level of engagement by giving them the functionality to run reports and charts, Making them data providers streamlines their user interface and focuses them on the task of data entry. 

An additional consideration is that data providers can be given control over a specific set of trackers regardless of the nodes spanned by those trackers. 

Combining Administrator Types

Individual users can be given multiple administrative roles by editing their administrations. For example, a user could be assigned as a sub-account administrator over two separate 'sub-hierarchies' of the organization. In another example, a user could be assigned as a sub-account administrator over a specific 'sub-hierarchy' but as a supervisor administrator over the entire organization hierarchy.

Note the following with respect to assigning multiple administrator types to the same administrator:

  1. If an administrator is assigned an account administration, that user should not be assigned any sub-account administrations.
  2. The application does not support combining a data provider administration with any other administrator types. 
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