Scope 5 TCR Resource Library - 2019 Mobile Combustion Update


In May of 2019 The Climate Registry (TCR) published a new set of emission factors. This set of emission factors has undergone changes that we report on in this post. The Table numbering scheme that TCR uses has changed, along with an expansion of mobile resources. Scope 5, in keeping with these changes, has reflected these updates in our TCR library implementation.

The table-numbering scheme has changed, starting with Table 12.1 U.S. Default Factors for Calculating CO2 Emissions from Combustion of Fossil Fuel and Biomass, which is now Table 1.1. Other tables follow suit, with the numbering changes indicated in the comments associated with each set of Scope 5 Conversion Factors. Other than changes in Table numbering, an expansion of mobile emission factors provides users with a finer granularity emissions factors for vehicles (on and off-road). Scope 5 users will find these new emissions factors under the mobile combustion section of the Scope 5 TCR resource library.

Scope 5 has not changed the resource names of existing resources that can be directly mapped to a new TCR name. This helps with consistency year to year for Scope 5 users, while the expanded TCR Mobile Combustion provides users with expanded granularity in assigning resources to mobile emissions. The expanded options are in the Scope 5 TCR Mobile Combustion Libraries for Alternative Fuels, Technology and Transport Fuels. Scope 5 also maps TCR Table 1.9 CH4 and N2O emission factors using the generic “Petroleum Products” to the Fossil Fuel-derived Fuels, Acetylene, Fuel Gas, Propane, Petroleum Coke, and Plastics.

Examples of the newly expanded options include new resources for 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engines for several Non-Highway Vehicles (TCR Table 2.7), Alternative fueled vehicles such as Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fueled trucks and busses, and several other options. These new resources stand alongside the expected new resource updates for new vehicle model years. Scope 5 invites its users to explore these expanded TCR options. If there are questions or comments, please contact


Wolf Lichtenstein

Scope 5


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