Detailed Listing of Tracker Alerts: Warnings & Exclusions


We hope to make all data on your Scope 5 account easy to access and understand. We're bringing a standardized approach to data visibility for tracker alerts.

Tracker alerts provide notification that data are not "in order" for any of a number of reasons. There may be a gap in reporting, or too much time may have passed since data was entered, for example. When managing staff and processes, alerts provide clear direction in what work must be done, especially when fulfilling some reporting standard.

Each node, under the Trackers subnav on the left, now has an 'Alerts' link. This link directs to a table view of all warnings and exclusions across all trackers below that node, along with the reason for the alert and the best guess at responsible admins. The row links to the tracker, to allow you to see the problem in more detail and resolve it.

The table is filterable using the search box, and the results are sortable using the column headers. Additionally, the alerts listing is specific to a given node. Try the alerts listing on a branch node, or on a facility or vehicle fleet, and you will see a smaller subset specific to those trackers.

Please note: you might see more total alerts than you have trackers. Each alert is given its own row, resulting in multiple rows for some trackers.

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